Here are some cool websites that I have found. Preeeeety straight forward.

  1.  <--- awesome website to find horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and more paying markets for your written work.
  2. <--- good site if you are looking for creepy artwork, literature, or just strange shit in general.
  3. <--- useful site to find a reputable literary agent.
  4. <--- huge website with a PLETHORA of all types of artistic media, dark and light alike. Crazy ass site.
  5. <--- cool website with gothic poetry and stories, but that's far from all that's there.
  6. <--- very nice website- teaches you how to write when you can't. Figure it out, I know you can.
  7. <--- huge website with an ASSLOAD of writing resources.
  8. <--- cool site to help cure Writer's Block. I fuckin' HATE Writer's Block.
  9. <--- into Shakespeare? Try writing a Sonnet here.
  10. <--- huge writer's resource website.
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