Here are some Painful Little Truths that people like to ignore. You got any? Send 'em in, and I'll give you credit. If you see a truth on here without a signature, then it's mine. Oh, and please don't send more than three "truths" in an e-mail. Thanks.

What a lovely day. I think I'll kill myself.

America's economy is a long, nasty, stubborn shit that is slowly being flushed down a broken toilet.

Having a job is like wiping your ass with steel wool because toliet paper doesn't exsist.

Lies have a funny way of blowing you so you don't feel the truth being shoved up your ass.

Truth is the only lie you can trust.

A college degree is a piece of paper that tells a chain superstore you're overqualified and desperate for work so you can pay off your student loans.

Sex without love is just another form of rape.

I am prejudice agianst racists.

Sleep is just a way of giving up when you can't do anything else in a day.

Hate is the bread and butter of the planet.

We're all dead. Just a matter for when, and how.

Masochism is just another way to love something that can't love you back.

You probably know a pedophile.

Tits make up for lacking a personality, or talent. Just look at a celebrity.

If life is an adventure, what does that make death?

Losing touch with friends is like drowning. at first, you fight it with all your might, but eventually, you accept it, and just let it happen.

i don't exsist unless I want to.

I reject what truth tells me without telling myself a lie.

People only change when they're threatened.

Are we really all that civilized?

Each new season brings with it the death of the last.

Life is a liar.

Exsistance is only a hate away!

A breath isn't taken- it's lost.

No-one's interested unless personally affected.

Hope lasts as long as pain does.

Humility is a truthful lie we tell ourselves so we don't become arrogant.

I hate this fucking place, but I'll never leave.   Ever.

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